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Making a pair of clogs that fit well from a foot tracing and a couple of measurements doesn't always work, I sometimes get returns, in which case it is often easier to make a new pair of clogs than to adjust the fit of the returned pair. As I don't do craft fairs etc. you have the opportunity to get a pair of hand made clogs at a reduced price (If I have some your size). The clogs featured here are not seconds, and are priced to go. If you are interested in a particular pair, contact me and I will send you (by e-mail) a tracing of the foot print of the clogs  if you think they will fit send me a cheque for the reduced price plus 5 to cover Post an packing. I will post them out to you, if they don't fit, return them (at your expence) and I will refund your money (less the postage).


Dancing clogs size 4/5 narrow foot, a lower "cast" (the amount of turn up at the front) and a slightly squared toe, brass toe tins and nails suit step dancer whose routine includes a lot of toe tapping, not for every day wear, as the flatness of the sole will be very tiring. Currently bare wood soles, but can be supplied shod with rubbers (7). Contact me if you would like more photos

Price 60



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