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Many Dancing, Courting and "Sunday best" clogs had longer tongues, and patterns or designs carved into them, some also had extra eyelets on them for "fancy", I've even seen medals sewn onto the outside quarter. This page will have some of the more interesting designs on it, if I can get decent photos, I'll include those as well

this design was carved into my first pair of Dancing Clogs by the maker Jack Ashcroft of Leigh in Lancashire. They were made in 1973, and lasted until 2002 when the sole split. along the line of old clog iron nail holes. I was unable to re sole them because they were a tight fit to start with, and the leather had rotted around the welt nails, if I'd have re-soled them they would have been too small. Kath my wife says that it looks like a picture of fallopian tubes??


If you would like to e-mail me photos or drawings of the designs on your clogs, please feel free I will include any I find interesting



By submitting photos and information to me, unless you state otherwise, you are automatically giving me permission to publish those photos and that information. I have attempted to get permission to use the photos shown here, but this has not always been possible. If you are the copyright owner of any of the photos or designs included here and object to their use here please contact me and I will  remove them.



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