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No, this isn't part of the hard sell, these are some photos, with details of clogs I've come across that I found interesting. If you have something special  that you think is worth showing off, e-mail me photos, and information about them. I intend to add to this page on a regular basis, come back again soon!

chris, the colour is still a bit dark as they have just been oiled, but it gives you an idea


This pair of clogs (above) were sold earlier this year on a well known Auction site, the blurb that was included said that they were stage dancing clogs used in the music halls in the north of England, they were in Liverpool. The heel has been hollowed out, and ball bearings inserted to increase the volume in use, the soles were varnished. A top quality pair of clogs.



Again this clog was sold on ebay, it is only about six ins. long, and nicely decorated, In spite of the small size, it looks well worn (signs of stress round the clasp, and wear in the heel area).



A pair of clogs to celebrate the birth of Joseph Francis Kelly born 14th May 2007 may he tread the earth with a light step (unlike his father)

Three pair of children's clog submitted by Deborah from Wakefield, I believe the middle pair to be late Victorian, the right hand pair to be from the 1920-30's and the left hand pair to be from the 1940-50's. The right hand pair appear to have had patches fastened to the toes, probably where a child scuffed or kicked the toes out. A nice start to a collection, more photos below



photos of two pairs of clogs made recently for Morris dancing both with Sycamore soles

By submitting photos and information to me, unless you state otherwise, you are automatically giving me permission to publish those photos and that information. I have attempted to get permission to use the photos shown here, but this has not always been possible. If you are the copyright owner of any of the photos, and object to their use here please contact me and I will  remove them.


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