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It is usual to fit either "iron's" or "rubbers" to the soles of clogs to protect the wood, Step dancers often leave the soles blank, but they only ever use them on smooth surfaces that cause minimal damage to the sole

Rubbers are more usually fitted now as decent iron's are a) becoming very difficult to get hold of (and so expensive), b) they wear out very quickly, and have to be replaced, the nail holes left after changing irons weaken and shorten the life of the soles, c) they can cause damage to almost all surfaces and so are banned from most indoor venues and d) they can be very slippery to walk or dance in.

Even when clogs are looked after the clog bottoms can fail either because wood is a natural substance with stresses and weaknesses in it's structure, they might dry out too much if kept in centrally heated premises, or the wood might split where irons have been nailed the the sole, but this doesn't have to be terminal.

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